1.What are the advantages of using American Innovative Structures to supply you with a Pre Engineered Steel Buildings vs. Conventional Structural Steel Buildings?

a. Design Criteria: Your Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings will be designed per your Building Code and Loading that your use requires AISC/MBMA/AWS vs. Conventional use AISC/AWS/JIS/DIN/BS.

b. Design, detailing, and manufacturing time is much less than Conventional Steel Buildings. Pre-Eng. Building is much quicker to design, detail and manufacture than conventional buildings. Due to the standardization of the building parts which speeds up the process and reduces the time of delivery of steel.

c. Pre- Engineered Buildings weigh less than conventional steel buildings because they use tapered built-up plate columns and rafters with more steel located in areas with higher stress ratios making the frames lighter than conventional structures using hot rolled members. In pre-Engineered Building systems all primary framing and secondary use a minimum yield stress of 55 ksi vs. conventional steel frames using 36 ksi.

d. Pre-Engineered Buildings foundations are easy to build and design and use less concrete and rebar due to the fact that the building weighs less than conventional steel framing which can also impact your seismic loading in a beneficial way.

e. A pre-Engineered Buildings delivery time is much less than using conventional steel structures. The average Delivery time for a Pre-Engineered Building project rages from 8 weeks to 10 week to be deliver on site from the time you place your order to deliver the building to the job site vs. an average of 20 weeks to 24 weeks on using conventional steel structures in the U.S.

f. Erection of Pre-Engineered Buildings is fast and easy. We will provide you with a set of erection drawings that are easy to follow and all the connections are bolted so there is no need of site welding and we know how costly it is to have an AWS certified welder. Erection time can range from 3 weeks to 8 weeks depending on how complex your project is vs. 12 weeks to 24 weeks on conventional structures.

g. Overall pricing when you account you do not have to hire a Structural Engineer to design your building , the saving in erection time and labor using less employees required to erect your building the pricing can be as much as 25 % - 30 % less and saving time as much as 40 % vs. conventional steel buildings.

2.For export jobs what are American Innovative Structures responsible for?

We will supply you with your Pre-Engineer Building and take care of the logistics in place, coordinate with the freight forwarders in shipping your Pre- Engineer Buildings with all its part and pieces by ocean freight. We will ship it on a 40’0 open top container or a closed container if required and deliver to the port of choice with the appropriate paper work. Your pricing will include this service with your Pre-Engineer Building, or space frame.